Two Minute Product Overviews

Pressed for time?  Watch these short animated Lease Administration and Lease Accounting videos to better understand LeaseAccelerator’s capabilities.

Lease Administration for Equipment

Managing Your Equipment Leases

Your business may have thousands of different pieces of equipment you are leasing being used by thousands of employees around the world in many different countries.  How do you track them through the term of a 36, 48 or 60-month lease?

Sourcing for Equipment Leases

Sourcing Your Equipment Leases

Learn how to save 6-8% on your equipment leases with LeaseAccelerator’s software.  Automate your lease sourcing process by automatically generating RFPs; distributing them to hundreds of lessors; then analyzing and ranking the responses.

Lease versus Buy Analysis

Is your leasing program decentralized with buyers all over the world in different operating divisions?  How do you know that budget holders are making smart decisions about when to lease and when to buy?

Lease Accounting Software

Lease Accounting Software Two Minute Overview

Are you in the process of implementing the new lease accounting standards? Do you need a single lease accounting engine that can handle not only real estate, but your fleet, IT, aircraft, material handling and other equipment leases?

Lease Accounting Expert Interviews

Experts from LeaseAccelerator offer recommendations on implementing the new standards and advice on selecting a lease accounting software application.

How to Select Lease Accounting Software

Jonthan Crawford, CTO

Jonathan Crawford, CTO of LeaseAccelerator, discusses the key functional requirements for selecting a lease accounting software package as well as security, performance and integration considerations.

Why LeaseAccelerator?

Why LeaseAccelerator with Michael Keeler Video

Michael Keeler, CEO of LeaseAccelerator, explains why Fortune 1000 companies should consider LeaseAccelerator for Enterprise Lease Accounting and Lease Management.

Real Estate vs Equipment Leasing

Real Estate vs Equipment Leasing

Scott Silver, LeaseAccelerator Solution Consultant, compares the evolution of lease administration in equipment today to the situation in the commercial real estate sector twenty years ago.

Transition Lease Accounting

Transition Accounting Video

Alex Klein, CPA and Solution Consultant discusses the various policy elections and practical expedients as well as the requirements for software applications to support multiple general ledgers and comparative reporting.

Lease Accounting Audits

Lease Accounting Audit Video

Alex Klein, CPA and Solution Consultant from LeaseAccelerator discusses the key considerations that large companies should consider when preparing for an audit under the new lease accounting standards.

ASC 842 Compliance

ASC 842 Compliance

Bruce Conway, Vice President of Lease Accounting at LeaseAccelerator, compares and contrasts the issues accounting organizations confront today with ASC 840 to the new risks being presented with ASC 842.

Humorous Videos

Watch our humorous lease accounting videos to learn more about the new standards and the challenges your business will confront with complying.

The Secret Lives of Accountants

The Secret Lives of Accountants

When most people think of the accounting profession – they think of a life of boredom. But in fact, these financial professionals leave secret lives of intrigue. And their lives are about to get much more interesting.

The Hidden Problem with Lease Accounting

The HIdden Problem with Lease Accounting

Trying to navigate the new lease accounting standard – FASB ASC 2016-02 (ASC 842)?  While most of the new rules such as capitalizing leases on your balance sheet are straightforward there are a few potential landmines.

The Good News and Bad News

The new lease accounting standards are here. In the next few years companies will need to get much more sophisticated systems and controls in place for all of their leases. But if you think this is another “Sarbanes-Oxley-like” compliance exercise, think again.

Presentations and Panels

Have you been attending the recent Lease Accounting events?  If not, watch our lease accounting videos, which include replays of panels and presentations from various conferences.

FEI National Lease Accounting Conference

FEI National Lease Accounting Conference Panel

Watch a panel of technology vendors including SAP and PWC debating the role of technology in complying with the new lease accounting standards.  Our CEO Michael Keeler offers a perspective on the challenges with accounting for fleet, IT and equipment leases.

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