Meet Your New Balance Sheet

With the new lease accounting standards – ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87 – trillions of dollars of equipment and real estate leases are moving onto corporate balance sheets. Getting the leases onto the balance sheet is hard, but keeping the accounting up to date will be even harder. You will need a bulletproof process to keep track of all the the changes to your lease portfolio to keep it accurate and complete for successful audits.

Two Minute Product Overviews

Pressed for time? Watch these short videos to better understand LeaseAccelerator’s lease accounting & administration capabilities.

Two Minute Overview

Day One – Lease Accounting

Day Two – Tracking Leases

Meet Your New Balance Sheet

Lease Accounting for Oracle

Lease Accounting for SAP

Reducing Costs With

Optimizing Leasing With

Lease versus Buy

Sourcing Equipment

End-of-Term Lease

Real Estate Lease

Spend Analysis for

Integration with Financial

Testing Your Lease

Customer Success

Training Your
Center of Excellence

Customer Case Studies

Pioneers in the area of Enterprise Lease Accounting discuss their journey towards compliance with ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

Tyson Foods


Lease Accounting Expert Interviews

Experts from LeaseAccelerator offer recommendations on implementing the new standards and advice on selecting a lease accounting software application.

Automation in Lease Accounting

Why LeaseAccelerator?

Real Estate vs. Equipment

The Employee Experience

The LeaseAccelerator Challenge

A Children’s Book

Who Needs Leasing Software?

Why A New Category?

Humorous Videos

Watch our humorous lease accounting videos to learn more about the new standards and the challenges your business will confront with complying.

Don’t Make Me Come Down There

The Secret Lives of Lease Accountants

The Good and Bad News About Lease Accounting

Hidden Problems with Lease Accounting

The Lease Accounting Rap – Part 1 by Baba Brinkman

The Lease Accounting Rap – Part 2 by Baba Brinkman