level up lease accounting - best practices

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Level-Up Lease Accounting:
Integration, Security, and Migration

Viewers will learn:

Key components of the lease lifecycle
Market data from Global Lease Accounting Survey
Value of integration across business systems
Best practices for migrating lease accounting
Security and how to limit exposures
Security and how to limit exposures
Ways to make audits easier with more transparent reporting

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level up lease accounting - best practices

Most organizations start their compliance journey by focusing on the lease accounting functionality they need to adopt the standards. Many of the software tools available today meet the basic requirements for lease accounting, but there are several key differentiators to consider in order to optimize and scale.

In addition to a true monthly close, lease lifecycle management solutions should offer integration with other critical business systems with the right security and access restrictions. These solutions should also make it easy for users to migrate to their platform, leveraging the investments they’ve already made in lease abstraction and compliance implementation.

Join experts from LeaseAccelerator as we talk through integration, security and migration as critical components to optimize lease lifecycle management.


Tricia Remacle
Chief Technology Officer,

Dennis Carey
VP, Solutions and Services,

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