LeaseAccelerator University

Integrated lease
accounting education

Get compliant faster and build critical
skills with interactive, hands-on training.

Increase your team’s productivity with role-based education from LeaseAccelerator University. Each of your users gets a safe practice environment with hands-on walk-throughs, videos, and assessments. Learn the software and how to implement the lease accounting standards, while reducing the impact of resource shifts.

Choose from education and practice environments
tailored for specific roles that ensure success:

Center Of Excellence
Daily User

Certify on the LeaseAccelerator platform while
learning critical lease accounting skills:

  • Load and modify lease data
  • Configure and edit master data settings
  • Identify and update configurable elements and user-defined values
  • Run, save, and schedule various reports
  • Process various life cycle events, such as managing assets, modifying deals, and managing End of Term activities.
  • Add, modify, delete, and reactivate users within LeaseAccelerator

Get real-time help with our in-app
assistant Ask Alex

Once you’re in the production environment, you can use the onboarding checklist in Ask Alex to get new team members started if they don’t need the full product certification.

Course Topics

Note: Topics offered differ based on user role

(customer login required)

  • Learning how to configure master data
  • Entering leases
  • Completing lease lifecycle events
  • Managing your end of term
  • Mastering reporting

“My training with LeaseAccelerator has been relatively easy. I find LeaseAccelerator to be very user-friendly.”

– Kelani Bose, TEAM Industrial Services

“I thought the training was good and covered a lot of items needed to work within the [LeaseAccelerator] system.”

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