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Emissions Reporting and Reduction for Leased Assets

Simplify emissions reporting with asset-level lease data

Use lease data to meet emissions reporting requirements. Build a long-term strategy to reduce emissions across real estate and equipment.


Accelerate your emissions reporting while complying with the lease accounting standards


Leverage controlled asset-level data

Centralize asset data

Store detailed emissions data for reporting on leased assets in one, controlled, asset-centric accounting subledger – mapping each discrete space in a building and every forklift to the right legal entity, General Ledger (GL) code, emissions factors and usage. Integrate upstream and downstream sources such as fleet management, carbon accounting platforms, and ERP systems to ensure data quality.


Use controls to drive quality

Trust the data

Use built-in automation and governance to manage changes and deliver audit-ready accounting processes and controls throughout the life of every leased asset. Simplify disclosure reporting with push-button, asset-level reports and customizable fields for transparency and accuracy.

Reduce emissions and costs

Shrink your carbon footprint

Analyze carbon emissions by asset categories, locations, and geographies to help meet long-term goals. Use leasing as a strategic tool to preserve cash, generate new free cash flow, and lower emissions.


Optimize lease lifecycle

Stay in control of leased assets

Reduce emissions, cost, time, and risk by automating the lease administration and management process. Combine asset usage data and end-of-term management to ensure a carbon-reducing refresh strategy for real estate and equipment. 

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Ready to take the next step?

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