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Lease Accounting – Where Do We Go from Here?

Lease Accounting Webinar Where do We Go From Here

For many public companies the first 10-Q under ASC 842 was a brute force effort dependent upon spreadsheets, workarounds, and lots of staff. This webinar will cover strategies organizations can develop that will scale over the long term and lead to ongoing successful closes.

Webinar Replays On-Demand

Lease Accounting Webinars

Watch our lease accounting webinar replays on-demand to hear our experts talk about subjects ranging from lease versus buy analysis and sourcing equipment to end-of-term management and the new lease accounting standards.

Case Studies

Cummins’ Leasing Case Study

Cummins Equipment Lease Management Case Study Webinar

Learn how Cummins transformed their global equipment leasing program saving millions in the process. Hear the best practices they adopted to lower evergreen payments and reduce equipment financing fees.

Getting Started with ASC 842

How to Tackle the ASC 842 Implementation

Join LeaseAccelerator, the Pine Hill Group, and Global Tax Management for a webinar on the lessons from the front-lines of lease accounting implementation projects.

Top 5 Lessons Learned from ASC 842 Implementations

Experts from RGP and LeaseAccelerator share the top 5 lessons learned from real world ASC 842 implementations. Topics include scoping, data collection, software selection, project management, and day two.

Jump Start Your ASC 842 Initiative

Listen to a panel of experts from RSM and LeaseAccelerator discuss how you can jump start your ASC 842 project. Experts provide advice on technical accounting issues, data collection, software selection and day two considerations.

Top 10 Questions About ASC 842

Lease Accounting Questions

Listen to experts from RGP and LeaseAccelerator answer the top 10 questions companies have about lease accounting. From the technical standards to disclosure requirements, understand the key issues and how best to approach them.

For Privates & Non-Profits

How Healthcare Organizations Can Prepare for ASC 842/GASB 87

Watch this RGP Healthcare and LeaseAccelerator webinar replay to learn how healthcare entities can avoid first timer implementation mistakes.

How Private Companies can Prepare for ASC 842

Private companies should start thinking about their lease accounting projects and the changes they will potentially make to systems, processes, policies, and controls.

Best Practices for Leasing

Top Challenges with Real Estate Lease Accounting

Learn about the most challenging real estate situations under the new lease accounting standard, and how the accounting and corporate real estate groups can develop processes, policies, and controls to get in compliance.

How to Save 6%-12% On Your Equipment Lease Programs

Experts from LeaseAccelerator discuss how procurement sourcing teams are using automation to save 6-12% on their equipment lease programs.

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