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Lease Management and Accounting: To In-source, Outsource, or Co-source?

Attendees will learn:

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Definition of in-source, outsource, and co-source models
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Evaluating your leasing process to determine the right model
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Value of automating the leasing lifecycle
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How leasing as a managed service works

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Leasing is complex and not every organization has the in-house expertise to achieve and maintain long-term, sustainable compliance. There are different models to manage effective leasing programs, supporting a range of staffing, expertise and location requirements.

Automating the lease lifecycle with the right software helps relieve pressure, but you still need to build a long-term plan. Many companies are exploring the use of external resources to take advantage of non-core expertise or to focus local resources on more strategic activities. This webinar replay discusses process optimization and opportunities for cost savings. It provides you the tools to evaluate leasing processes and determine which to keep in-house, and which to consider for co-sourcing or outsourcing.


Rick Platzek
NTrust Infotech
Scott Silver
Solutions Consultant – Real Estate Practice Lead,
Debbie McCalpin
Managing Director Lease Administration,
Mohr Partners