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Simplify Emissions Accounting for Leased Assets

Viewers will:

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Review the new emissions reporting requirements
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Learn how emissions reporting affects leased assets
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Understand the shift from voluntary to mandatory requirements
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Review the data, process, and controls required for success
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Learn how reporting supports sustainability initiatives

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What if you could accelerate emissions reporting while complying with the lease accounting standards? As the world's climate continues to evolve, organizations can no longer ignore the impacts of their carbon emissions on the environment and in turn will soon be required to report on those emissions.

Lease accounting experts from LeaseAccelerator and PwC share how asset-level lease data can help you not only meet emissions reporting requirements, but also help you build a long-term strategy to lower emissions with carbon-efficient lessors and equipment. Learn how your organization can leverage controls and lease data to continually reduce carbon footprint and meet the standards.


Michael Keeler
Shan Bhattacharya
VP, Lease Accounting Shared Services
David Shebay
US CFO Managed Services Leader

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