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Maximising the return on your IFRS 16 investment:

Using the benefit of hindsight to optimise your future leasing strategy

In partnership with PWC & CBRE

Attendees will learn:

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What is Lease Lifecycle Management
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How the key requirements for choosing an IFRS16 solution has changed
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What are the key economic benefits that have manifested post implementation of the standard
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Real world insights into how your peers are optimising IFRS 16 locally and globally

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Maximizing return tile

Visibility into the internal policies and controls required to effectively comply with the IFRS 16 standard has evolved significantly since the initial scramble to meet the requirements, and as such, it’s become clear that many of the decisions that were made in the run up to the introduction of the standard were based on a very short-term view.

This session will take a look at this evolution and why it makes sense for organisations to review the initial decision-making processes regarding systemisation. We will assess whether those decisions are still the best to deliver process efficiency, cost savings through better lease management and better corporate governance around capital expenditure. Join lease accounting experts from PWC, CBRE and LeaseAccelerator to learn how to optimise IFRS 16 compliance now that the deadlines are past.


sean rugers
Sean Rugers
PWC Australia
Grant Healy CBRE
Grant Healy
Head of Transaction Management and Portfolio
Services – Pacific,
Bruce Conway Thumbnail
Bruce Conway
VP Lease Accounting,
David Byrne
David Byrne
General Manager APAC,

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