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Lease Accounting Success Story from Novelis:
Integration Best Practices

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How to manage an acquisition for lease accounting
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Critical functionality for lease lifecycle management solutions
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How to save time and resources through automation
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Importance of onboarding, continuous training, and in-app support

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Most organizations start their compliance journey by focusing on the lease accounting functionality they need to adopt the standards. Many of the software tools available today meet the basic requirements for lease accounting, but there are several key differentiators to consider in order to successfully navigate through the acquisition of a $2b+ organization! Having the ability to optimize and scale your lease accounting is key for enterprise organizations that are constantly expanding their portfolio.

Kylie Coker (Senior Technical Accountant at Novelis) and Michael Keeler (CEO & Founder of LeaseAccelerator) talk through how Novelis, an aluminum rolling and recycling company, successfully integrated lease accounting and management - from their major Aleris acquisition - into LeaseAccelerator, in under 45 days! Hear how they integrated their lease lifecycle management across finance systems and their steps to enrich accounting data and expand toward a centralized Lease vs. Buy model.


Kylie Coker Novelis
Kylie Coker
Senior Technical
Michael Keeler
Michael Keeler
CEO & Founder,

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