Automating IFRS 16 compliance

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Automating IFRS 16 lease accounting:

Key considerations when building a business case

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During this webinar attendees will:

Learn about the long-term challenges expected when using spreadsheets to comply with IFRS 16
Explore the key considerations when implementing a system
Understand the key cost and risk factors involved in complying with IFRS 16, and how these increase over time
Obtain practical examples of how to structure an ROI to build a robust business case for change

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Automating IFRS 16 compliance

In this webinar series featuring experts from Deloitte, CBRE and LeaseAccelerator clients, we have discussed the challenges of using spreadsheets to comply with the IFRS 16 standard and the key considerations in implementing a system to automate the manual effort required and produce accurate and easily validated accounting.

In this 3rd webinar of the series, we focus on building a case for change and the opportunity cost of not automating.  The biggest benefit that this standard has delivered to most organisations has been the savings achieved through effective end-of-term management, followed by better corporate governance around capital expenditure through effective lease-versus-buy analysis. For organisations that have passed their first two audits while using spreadsheets, there is now a real understanding of how challenging it is to manage lease management and accounting complexities as they increase over time.

The accounting function is typically expected to absorb the new workload that comes with compliance. Join us to better understand why IFRS 16 projects are different over the long-term.  During this webinar we will explore the key considerations involved in building a business case for automating the manual processes, enabling the better use of your accounting and finance team’s time, and improved career expectations.


Joel John
Deloitte Australia

Richard Olney
Deloitte New Zealand

David Byrne
General Manager APAC,

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