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Achieve ASC 842 Compliance
with Limited Resources

Viewers will learn:

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Achieving compliance with limited resources (hint: not using spreadsheets!)
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Uncovering the challenges of the new accounting close
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Automating your monthly close reporting
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Leveraging solutions and expert services for the right outcomes
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Discovering today’s market options: solutions, services, and consultants

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Whether you set out to achieve compliance with ASC 842 and paused when the regulation date shifted, or this is your first time preparing for compliance, your options continue to grow. With so many software and services choices in today’s market, it is vital that controllers and financial executives like yourself, understand all of the options that fit their organization in order to achieve fast and easy compliance with ASC 842. Private organizations that take time to consider the right fit will avoid obstacles like budget shortfalls or limited resources and find themselves on the way to sustainable compliance.

Hear from Baker Tilly and LeaseAccelerator as they cover how private organizations like yours can achieve ASC 842 compliance despite limited resources. Learn how to set and achieve realistic project goals aligned to specific organizational goals and roadmaps. With examples of real-world customer experiences across solutions, services, and partners, learn how your organization can achieve sustainable ASC 842 compliance.


Michael Keeler JLH
Michael Keeler
CEO & Founder,
Colleen Tigges LeaseAccelerator
Colleen Tigges
SVP and General Manager,
PaulDunn Linkedin
Paul Dunn
Partner, Consulting Services,
Baker Tilly

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