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Leasing as a Managed Service:
Introducing Global Lease Services from EY and LeaseAccelerator

Learning objectives:

What is a managed service and the role technologies like LeaseAccelerator play
Challenges that organizations are facing since the new regulations came into play
What is the leasing lifecycle, and how does your company work with a provider like EY throughout
How to decide if managed services are right for you and why managed services are more relevant now than ever
How to build a business case that encompasses all stakeholders in your organization

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EY Webinar July 30 Featured Image

Organizations are now through their first audit following the new lease accounting regulations, but many continue to be challenged by the complexity of managing lease portfolios day-to-day. Despite the huge opportunities available from a well managed leasing strategy, managing the entire lease lifecycle to its full potential is outside of many companies’ core competencies.

As a result, more and more companies are looking to outsource their leasing lifecycle from lease vs. buy and procurement through administration, day-to-day management and end-of-life. Leasing experts from EY and LeaseAccelerator discuss the power of managed services, what lease lifecycle automation involves and whether it could be right for you.


Stefan Pfeifferr
Partner, Financial Accounting Advisory Services,

Joe Fitzgerald
Lease Technology Leader,

Tyler Mills
Sr. Vice President, Global Sales & Alliances

Mike Lees

Mike Lees

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