Named a leader in the 2023 IDC MarketScape report for Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-enabled Lease Accounting Software.
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LeaseAccelerator Company Overview

The first business application suite for the entire lease lifecycle

Lease sourcing

Lease administration

Lease accounting

Lifecycle automation

LeaseAccelerator is the leader in enterprise Lease Lifecycle Automation, a new category of financial software that fundamentally reinvents the way that businesses lease. With our software, companies can digitize their leasing business processes from sourcing and procurement to asset and contract management to accounting and financial reporting. This makes leasing a catalyst for digital finance transformation.
48%of respondents said they do not have lease accounting fully integrated with their ERP systemsKey gaps affecting ROI:40% of respondents said that they return less than 70% of their leases on time 61% of respondents said they don’t have a centralized Lease vs. Buy process
Key gaps affecting lease accounting ROI
At LeaseAccelerator, we are replacing the mountain of spreadsheets that are being used to track leased assets with an enterprise-grade software platform. We believe that, just as every large company has purchased specialized applications for submitting travel expenses and calculating sales commissions, they should select a specialized application for managing enterprise leasing processes from end to end. We call this new category of software Enterprise Lease Lifecycle Automation.

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