2021 Global Lease Accounting Survey

Learn how organizations are using lease accounting to eliminate cost and risk.

Get detailed lease accounting research with insights from US public, private and international companies, including:

Where they are in their compliance journey
Ongoing audit challenges
Technology adoption vs. manual processes
How lease accounting and other systems are integrated
How they are managing cash flow and ROI
What resources they’re using to get and stay compliant

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Leverage the Global Lease Accounting Survey’s benchmarks and maturity model to help you compare and identify improvements to your leasing process.

While the latest lease accounting standards have been around for several years, results from the 2021 Global Lease Accounting Survey – Opportunities to Optimize conducted by Ernst & Young Global Limited (EY) and LeaseAccelerator make it clear that there are improvements in the lease accounting and administration processes, technology and people for those who have implemented the new standards as well as those that are preparing to do so.

For example:

  • Over half of respondents (51%) said they have more than 250 leases.
  • The same percentage (51%) said their lease accounting is not fully integrated with ERP systems.
  • More than half of respondents (58%) said they don’t have a centralized lease vs. buy process, and 42% of them said that they return less than 70% of their leases on time.

These gaps and others drive audit challenges and make it more difficult for organizations to realize the cash flow benefits and Return on investment (ROI) they expected from their investments in lease administration and accounting systems and processes. This report includes guidelines for organizations at all stages of adoption, with recommendations for leading practices to make lease accounting more efficient, delivering increased ROI and long-term compliance.