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Amplify your investment in compliance

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Get real ROI from compliance with the most comprehensive, out-of-the-box integrations. Automate lease processes, eliminate manual data capture and ensure lease data is always complete and accurate.

Automate processes

Easily integrate upstream and downstream systems for fully automated lease accounting and management processes

Eliminate manual entry

Automatically source, synchronize, convert and validate data from any source or target so lease compliance and reporting data stay in sync

Always be audit ready

Straight-through processing based on events or scheduling ensures lease data is always right and up-to-date

Get freedom to choose

Don’t be tied to an inadequate solution provided by an ERP vendor. Choose best-in-class lease accounting and integrate quickly and seamlessly

Connect to any business system using real-time APIs

Lease accounting can bring together the components of your financial processes, increasing completeness and accuracy while reducing risk. To get the most out of any integration, automate each connection and data transfer, reducing process time and saving resources.

SAP-certified connections to all cloud and on-premises versions of SAP deliver our expert lease accounting and lease management functions seamlessly

Certified connections to all other major ERP and accounting platforms (Oracle, Microsoft, JDE, Infor, Workday, Netsuite, Siebel, Salesforce) ensure data is always synchronized and reporting is accurate.

Integrations for real estate, asset and fleet management systems make it easy to track and manage leases, even across decentralized organizations

Easily process, map, convert and validate data between systems

Automate data transfer based on events or schedules

Support any data type and format

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