Burden Carriers

A Fortune 1000 client needed some new carrier trucks for their plants in different locations and used the Equipment Lease Market to get a competitive lease price and helped the client achieve a great outcome. The RFP process was a success with multiple bids, resulting in a 16% savings at the end of the day.

The Results


Burden Carriers

Amount Financed



60 Months Operating Lease





Savings (in Dollars)

$29,406 over the Initial Term

Equipment Lease Sourcing

Looking for better financing terms on a big-ticket item like a lease for burden carriers?

We will match you to several of the 500 financial institutions on our Global Lessor Network based upon your credit rating as well as the location and type of equipment to be financed. Then we will distribute your RFP to those lessors in a competitive bidding process.

By putting your leases out to bid in a competitive marketplace you can reduce your costs by 6-8%. Those savings add up quickly for large companies with leasing portfolios in excess of $100M.