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Enterprise Lease Accounting Software

Need to comply with AASB 16 or NZ IFRS 16? Our Lease Accounting software will enable you to quickly and easily comply with the new standard. Once you have transitioned, we can help you scale your lease accounting program by automating the most time-consuming tasks in your record-to-report process.


Chief Financial Officer Summit 2020

March 17-18, 2020
Sydney, Australia

The CFO Summit 2020 is a two-day event designed to equip financial professionals with vital information on overcoming challenges in the era of digital transformation. Meet Australia’s leading CFOs while they present case studies, panels and inspirational keynotes in leadership, financial transformation and becoming the complete finance leader.

LeaseAccelerator will be exhibiting.


CFO Symposium 2020 - Autumn

May 20, 2020
Melbourne, Australia

The CFO Series deliver a fast paced networking and learning event to over 150+ local CFOs and Finance Leaders. Through a careful mix of Keynotes, Panel Discussions and CFO Interviews it guarantees to keep the audience engaged and entertained over the day.

LeaseAccelerator will be exhibiting in Melbourne, and are proud to be a sponsor of this series across the APAC region.


Day One compliance and Day Two automation.

LeaseAccelerator offers the highest level of automation of any lease accounting software vendor on the market. Our system will perform the high volume of complex calculations, enabling you to focus on policies, analyses, and exceptions.

True Leasing Subledger

Dedicated leasing subledger to track operating, interest, depreciation, and amortisation expenses.

  • No dependencies on external fixed asset systems
  • Portfolio, contract, and asset-level journal entries
  • Historical “as at” reporting after modifications
  • Support for 4-5-4, 4-4-5, and other fiscal calendars

Financial Reporting and Disclosures

Support the quantitative and qualitative disclosures required.

  • Roll forward and reconciliation reporting for monthly close
  • Balance sheet, income, and cash flow statements
  • Discount rate and maturity analysis
  • International reporting in IFRS 16 and ASC 842 (US GAAP)

Automate Record-to-Report

Integrate lease accounting with financial systems to automatically capture:

  • New lease commencement
  • Mid-term changes
  • End-of-term decisions
  • Month-to-month auto-renewals

Governance, Policies, and Controls

Centralized repository provides a single source for:

  • Documents and data
  • Judgments and policy elections
  • “Who, what, and when” reporting

Modifications and Reassessments

Track leased assets from initial commencement to end of term.

  • Contractual and pricing changes
  • Changes to residual value estimates
  • Changes to end-of-term elections

GL and AP Integration

Integrate your lease accounting with ERP and other financial systems such as:

  • General ledger
  • Accounts payable
  • Real estate administration
LeaseAccelerator IFRS16 Webinar: Arming organisations across Australia, New Zealand, and the APAC region for IFRS 16 compliance and beyond


IFRS 16: Are We There Yet? Yes We Are!

Arming organisations across Australia, New Zealand, and the APAC region for IFRS 16 compliance and beyond.

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A single accounting engine for all your leases.

Our software was designed from the ground up to support all categories of leased assets – IT, material handling, vehicle fleets, buildings, land, rail, and marine transportation.

LeaseAccelerator: Introducing Lease Accounting 2.0

Real Estate Leases

Buildings, land, easements, and more

Office buildings, retail stores, distribution centers, data centres, and health care facilities.

  • Gross and net leases
  • Index and performance-based rents
  • Common area maintenance (CAM) charges
  • Integration with real estate administration

Equipment Leases

Vehicles, computers, forklifts, and more

Material handling, vehicle fleet, aircraft, rail cars, and data center equipment.

  • Fair market value, dollar out, TRAC, and step leases
  • Variable and usage-based rents
  • Tracking of renewals, buyouts, and returns
  • Integration with asset management systems
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Learn how LeaseAccelerator can help you scale your AASB 16 program with automation and governance.


Accelerate your implementation.

Our partners are certified and trained in how to implement our lease accounting software.

Data Collection

Support for AASB 16 and NZ IFRS 16:

  • Discovery of all leases
  • Identification of data sources
  • Abstraction from contracts
  • Cleansing of bad data
  • Upload into software

Software Configuration

Configure, test, and deploy software:

  • Master data configuration
  • Financial variable setup
  • ERP integration
  • Unit and system testing
  • Go live and deployment

Process Transformation

Redesign processes, policies, and controls:

  • Booking and contracting
  • Asset tracking
  • Invoice-to-pay
  • End-of-term management
  • Record-to-report

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