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Centralizing Lease Data for Improved Analytics, Automation and Accuracy

Viewers will learn:

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The key factors for ensuring your central repository of lease data will enable analytical insights for optimizing your lease program
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How to leverage a centralized repository of leases, leased assets and lease knowledge to improve cashflow, return on investment and utilization of capital
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Understand how you can fully integrate the data about your information technology, data center, transportation, material handling, and office equipment assets into a centralized repository
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How a properly constructed central repository of lease data can improve intra-organizational communication, coordination, teamwork and decision-making

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Capturing and tracking all your lease accounting data is one of the biggest hurdles organizations face in managing the lease lifecycle. Today’s ever-changing and decentralized work environments can put organizations at risk of misstatements of leased assets, inaccurate data and incomplete financial reporting. Armed with all of your leasing data and activity in a single centralized repository, you can manage the full lifecycle of your leases from anywhere, automate lease accounting for improved cash flow and compliance and drive greater business insight with quantifiable and reportable analytics. During this webinar replay, Ryan Heaslip, Senior Director of Global Solution Consultation, and Matt St. Pierre, Solutions Consultant, discuss the opportunities for sustainable compliance and how to optimize your lease program by leveraging a properly constructed centralized lease repository.

As a result, more and more companies are looking to outsource part or all of their leasing lifecycle from lease vs. buy and procurement through administration, day-to-day management and end-of-life. Leasing experts from EY and LeaseAccelerator discuss the power of managed services, what lease lifecycle automation involves and whether it could be right for you.


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Ryan Heaslip

Senior Director of Global Solution Consultation,

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Matthew St. Pierre
Solutions Consultant,

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