FASB & Lease Abstraction

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FASB & Lease Abstraction

Get lease data right the first time

Taking a systematic approach to lease abstraction right from the beginning will help you build a lease repository that is accurate and relevant and strengthen the foundation of your lease portfolio management process.

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Learn how to accelerate your
IASB/FASB/GASB compliance

  • Why invest the time to finalize your lease abstracts?
  • Preparation is key to doing it right AND on time
  • The challenges of multilingual lease abstraction
  • Defining lease abstraction template objectives
  • Data types, formatting, and tagging
  • Is your lease data moving homes?

Choosing the right lease
abstraction and/or
administration vendor

Lease abstraction methods:
AI-based vs. manual vs. hybrid

Project management and

Use compliance as a catalyst for process improvement

Having the right lease data is critical for lease accounting compliance initiatives. Find out how it can also be a major catalyst to help you take a second look at how your lease portfolio is organized.

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