Make Leasing a Competitive Advantage

Leasing has become a popular option for high tech companies — both for their public and private clouds. Instead of paying $100,000 for a group of servers, storage or networking gear, you can pay $2500 per month over a three year term. Leasing helps improve your cash flow. It helps align expenses to revenues. And it enables you to refresh technology faster.

But it comes with a price. Leases have specialized tax and accounting considerations; different upgrade and repair processes; and unique procurement and asset management models. Many companies have struggled and/or abandoned leasing because they could not manage the associated complexities. With our Enterprise Lease Accounting software you can get control of your leasing program and all of its complexities.  We will do all the heavy lifting so you can finally realize the full benefits of leasing.

Cloud Computing

Align Expenses to Revenues

Have you introduced cloud or other “As a Service” models with monthly or annual billing models?  If so, then outlaying capital upfront to purchase all the servers, storage devices and networking equipment you need may not be the best financial decision. Leasing enables you to better align expenses with revenue.

Of course, the strategy only works if you can effectively manage the unique complexities of leasing — issues like taxes, accounting, upgrades and returns. That’s where LeaseAccelerator comes in. We can help you optimize the sourcing, accounting and performance of your real estate and equipment leasing program.

Equipment Leasing Reports

Improve Free Cash Flows

Are your shareholders focused on Cash Flow metrics?  With leasing you can defer cash outlays from a large upfront purchase to a series of monthly payments. Leasing also adds a level of predictability for cash flows that is hard to achieve through other models.

Of course, the strategy only works if you can manage the complex accounting associated with leasing. If auditors find material weaknesses in your lease accounting then the market cap gains you enjoyed from better cash flows might be quickly erased. That’s where LeaseAccelerator comes in. We can help you comply with Sarbanes Oxley and the new lease accounting standards.

Server in Data Center

Refresh Technology Faster

Does your company have a consistent process to upgrade your servers, storage and networking devices at regular intervals?  If not, you may be falling behind the competition in keeping pace with the performance expectations of your users. Leasing rather than buying equipment is an option that not only lowers the cost of technology, but helps you prevent obsolescence. Imagine getting new servers every 36 months or new routers every five years.

Of course, the strategy only works if you return and refresh equipment at the end of the lease term. That’s where LeaseAccelerator comes in. We can help you monitor all equipment coming to end of contract so you can proactively return and refresh your hardware.


Real World Savings for High Tech Companies

Examples from our Fortune 500 Customers.

Reduced Buyouts by 40%

A leading cloud provider was able to reduce end-of-term buyouts by 40%. Instead of purchasing older servers, storage devices and networking equipment at the end of lease, the equipment was returned. It was replaced with the latest-and-greatest technology. Or the lease was renewed at a significantly lower price that reflected the residual value.

Lowered Evergreen by $5M

A leading hardware provider reduced their lease evergreen and buyout payments by $5M – a 25% reduction. By centralizing all equipment leases into a single database, the IT department gained visibility to all the leases approaching end-of-term. IT could then proactively decide whether to return, renew or buy the servers, storage and networking devices.

Leasing Process Reduced to 1-2 Days

A leading hardware provider reduced the time to process leases from three to four weeks down to just one to two days. By automating the lease versus buy analysis process, decisions can be made consistently and quickly across the organization. The company has also reduced leasing rates by over $500K per year by introducing more competition into sourcing.

Some of Our High-Tech Clients

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