Lease Management

Manage all your leases centrally

Reduce costs and keep up with changes across real estate and equipment leases.

Stop tracking your leases with spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes. Bring your global leases and stakeholders together in a single system and get control of your leasing program.

Reduce costs for equipment and real estate leases

Get the best lease terms and never miss a renewal or return deadline.

Centralize data to drive business insights

A single, enterprise-wide repository makes it easy to optimize the performance of every lease from start to finish.

Manage lease events through tracking and automated workflows

Create audit trails and track mid-term lease contract changes including swaps, upgrades, early buyouts and returns.

Improve end-of-term management

Save 10-12% by returning assets on time and refresh assets with newer, better performing equipment.

Manage lease events through automated workflows

Stay in control

For each new lease, track all the events and activities from the initial contracting and booking to end-of-term renewals and terminations. Automated workflows ensure you won’t miss changes to monthly rents, square footage, equipment locations, cost centers, or assigned employees.

Improved end-of-term management

Reduce your leasing costs by 10–12%

Analyze “evergreen” payments by business unit and geography or by equipment type and lessor so you can pinpoint root causes and take corrective actions. Use the information to negotiate better deals. With proactive end-of-term notifications and alerts, you’ll never miss another deadline again.

Save at every stage of the lease lifecycle

Reduce costs for real estate and equipment leases

From start to finish, manage your leased assets at the asset and portfolio level, through every stage to drive down costs. With standardized lease terms and contracts, you determine the ROI that meets your business needs. Or, if you’re the landlord, lower your overhead with better financial and cost management across your portfolio.

Make better leasing decisions

Centralize data to drive business insights

By unifying your leases into a single system from the beginning, you get insights into lease vs. buy decisions, better KPIs, underperforming asset categories and renewals, and overdue assets. Your leasing process gets more efficient, saving you money and time.

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