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Who owns your Equipment Leasing spend?  At most companies the answer is “no one.” The average Fortune 500 company leases between $100M and $1B in equipment. But in most procurement organizations no one is accountable for analyzing or managing spend around equipment leasing.

We can help you formalize equipment leasing as a spend category. We will give your various category owners (Material Handling, Office Equipment or Fleet Management) the tools they need to better analyze spend.

Lease Accounting Software
Lower Equipment Financing Rates

Capture Millions in Savings

You leverage competition to optimize the purchase price for equipment like forklifts, laptops and trucks.  Why not use the same principles to generate more competitive financing terms for your leases?  Instead of settling for whatever rate the vendor’s captive finance arm or your house bank offers, why not put the lease out to a competitive bid process?

Our Equipment Lease Sourcing software can save you 6-8% on leasing costs by simply applying the basic principles of procurement to leases.  We’ll put an RFP out to a community of 500+ lessors who will competitively bid for the right to win your business.


Stop Leakage at End of Term

Your procurement organization works hard to generate savings on big equipment deals. But sadly many of the hard-fought savings you negotiated during the sourcing process are being lost through inefficient management of equipment at the end of its lease. Why? Because most companies do not have a process for managing “the end of term.” Instead of exchanging the equipment for newer models at the end of the term, many organizations “do nothing.” They pay well past the end of term — the equivalent of 125% or 150% of the purchase price.

Our Equipment Lease Sourcing software can help reduce your end of term leakage by 10-15%.  We’ll track every piece of equipment from furniture and phones to computers and copiers. And we will notify you six months in advance the end of term for any lease. So you have ample time to decide if you want to renew the lease, buy the equipment or return it. We’ll help you put an end to evergreen fees so your negotiated savings turn into realized savings.

ROI of Equipment Leasing

Equipment Lease Sourcing – Case Studies

Dell Supercomputer Lease

Dell Supercomputer Equipment Lease via a Competitive Marketplace

Material Handling Equipment Lease

Material Handling Equipment Lease from Multiple Vendors

Avaya PBX Phone System Lease

Avaya PBX Phone System Lease via Competitive Marketplace

Competitive Sourcing for Equipment Leases

Learn More about our Solutions for Procurement

White Papers, Handbooks and Research Studies

Equipment Lease Sourcing Brochure

Equipment Lease Sourcing Brochure

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Take a closer look at the features of LeaseAccelerator’s Equipment Lease Sourcing functionality including Lease versus Buy  Analysis; FAS 13 Testing; Automated RFP Generation; Global Lessor Network; Competitive Bidding Process; Proposal Analysis and Ranking.

Spend Management for Equipment Leasing Webinar

Webinar Replay: Spend Management for Leased Equipment

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Listen to our Spend Management for Leased Equipment Webinar to hear five best practices for reducing costs. Hear multiple case studies of how Fortune 500 companies are managing equipment leasing as a focused spend category with targeted savings objectives.

5 Best Practices for Managing Leased Equipment

Spend Management for Leased Equipment – 5 Best Practices

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Download this guide to learn how to aggregate and centralize your leased equipment spending; how to leverage competition to reduce your financing rates; and how to stop spend leakage during the life cycle of a lease.

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