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Organisational transformation
with managed services

Leasing as a case study in the ASEAN region

Attendees will learn:

Managed services as an effective tool for organisational transformation
How to decide if managed services are right for you and why managed services are more relevant now than ever before
Managed services for leasing: challenges organisations are facing since the new regulations came into play
What is the leasing lifecycle, and how to work with a provider like the EY organization throughout
The role that technology like LeaseAccelerator plays
How to build a business case that encompasses all stakeholders in your organisation

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Join leasing professionals from EY and LeaseAccelerator to understand what Lease Lifecycle Automation involves and which delivery model is right for you.

Evolving regulation, technology and talent demands are causing organisations to reimagine finance operating models. As part of that shift, they are considering leasing as a strategic financial tool that can be a significant driver of improved cash flow. Despite changes brought about by changes in regulations, managing the entire lease lifecycle to its full potential is outside many companies’ core competencies. Many companies find it cheaper and more effective to co-source or outsource their Lease Lifecycle Automation — from lease vs. buy analysis, through to lease management and end-of-life documentation — and benefit from leveraging technology, people and process.


Ronald Wong
Partner, Financial Accounting Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young LLP

Adele Liew
Partner, Financial Accounting Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young LLP

Michael Keeler
CEO and Founder,

David Byrne
General Manager APAC,

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