The ASC 842

Are you gearing up for an ASC 842 compliance project in 2021? While many public companies are nearing the end of their adoption, private companies are just getting started. Get all the resources you need for a successful project with our 2021 Lease Accounting Survival Kit.

Download these tried and true assets to jump start your internal project plan and vendor evaluation, in order to begin collecting the lease data for the upcoming ASC 842 compliance deadline.


This guide is intended to help private companies prepare for their journey to comply with the ASC 842 lease accounting standard. It will help you navigate the planning phase of the project, which may take anywhere from 30 to 90 days.


Know what data you need ahead of time to avoid having to repeat the data collection phase. This guide contains a list of 100 of the data fields you will need to collect per lease to achieve compliance with the new standards.


Download this customizable budget worksheet for the new lease accounting standards in Microsoft Excel format. Useful for FASB ASC 842 or IFRS 16, includes all the key line items for incremental and external costs such as lease accounting licenses, data collection, software implementation and testing.


Get ahead of the FASB ASC 842 lease accounting deadlines while driving savings today.


Learn the nine biggest mistakes that public companies made in underestimating the complexity of the new leasing standard. From finding leases and abstracting data to defining business processes and engaging the business, we will help you to navigate the biggest landmines in your lease accounting journey.

Evaluation Guide

Download this Evaluation Guide for a comprehensive checklist of features you should look for in an Enterprise Lease Accounting software application. Includes detailed feature lists for Lease Accounting as well as both Real Estate and Equipment Lease Administration.