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Beyond Lease Accounting:
Compliance as a catalyst for automation
and digital transformation

Attendees will learn:

The next steps after compliance
How Lease Lifecycle Automation fits into digital finance transformation
Advantages of automating your leasing program
How leasing as a managed service works

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Leasing is complex, but the new standards have made leasing a catalyst for digital finance transformation, using automation to deliver end-to-end process improvements and cost savings. Companies that have already gone through one audit cycle under new lease accounting rules have realized quickly that it’s critical to automate the entire process to get the most out of their leasing programs and build sustainable compliance in the face of change and complexity. And, the business insights and performance improvements that result can generate real bottom line benefits.

Join LeaseAccelerator as we talk through what happens after companies get compliant, the impact Lease Lifecycle Automation (LLA) can have on internal processes, and the potential to drive additional value using a managed service provider.


Tyler Mills
SVP Global Sales & Alliances

Colleen Tigges LeaseAccelerator

Colleen Tigges
SVP Product Management

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