GASB 87: Data Collection

Devil's in the Details

For many organizations, capturing lease accounting data will be the biggest implementation hurdle on the path to complying with the new GASB 87 standards. The #1 reason why many lease compliance projects go overbudget—and why project deadlines go into overtime—are the numerous challenges associated with collecting lease data.

During this webinar, lease accounting experts from RGP Healthcare and LeaseAccelerator discuss why data collection is a critical requirement for ensuring successful adoption of the new lease accounting standards and how to identify which data needs to be collected and where to find it.

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Key Learnings:

  • What key data elements are required from every lease, and what conditional data elements may also be required
  • Which leases you need to gather data from in order to meet initial compliance and retrospective disclosure requirements
  • How to gather the required information to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Why you need to create a process to manage ongoing accuracy of the data, including any new leases or changes to leases


Joni Noel
SVP Healthcare,

Tim Tickle RGPTimothy Tickle
Director of Healthcare,

Dennis Carey Solution ConsultantDennis Carey
Solution Consultant,